‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Will Make Fans ‘Very Angry,’ Per Wells Adams

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“Bachelor In Paradise” is returning on September 28, 2023 and bartender Wells Adams is giving fans an insight on what to expect -- though fans may not be happy about it.

Wells Adams Teases 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season

Wells Adams bartending on Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | Wells Adams

According to Wells Adams, who has been the bartender on the last few seasons of "Bachelor In Paradise", this upcoming season will consist of many twists and turns that viewers won't see coming.


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"I don't want to spoil things for everybody. I imagine there will be things that people were not expecting to happen this year and they will probably be very angry about it," Adams told Entertainment Tonight. "But I'll be fine because I'll be making drinks in the back and just watching the dumpster fire burn in front of me."

The trailer for the show showed contestants discovering "the Paradise Truth Box," which one contestant said is "definitely going to destroy some couples."

The cast includes "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" alum Aaron Bryant, Blake Moynes, Brayden Bowers, Brooklyn Willie, Kat Izzo, Rachel Recchia, and others, which will make for a "pretty dramatic" season.

What Can Fans Expect From 'BIP'?

Bachelor In Paradise Cast
Instagram | Bachelor In Paradise

Adams continued to give some insight to some of the couples that come out of this season.

"The best relationships that have come out of this franchise have been ones that I did not expect," the show's bartender shared. "I'm a big proponent of, 'I know you think you know what your type is, but if that was correct, you probably wouldn't be in a situation where you needed to go on this singles retreat that's on camera, so maybe like think outside the box and just keep an open mind.'"

He also pointed out how "really pretty people generally find other very pretty people and then they make beautiful babies together," though he also admitted he wanted to see "the weirdos" get together.

"I always liked the weirdos, because that's what I am," Wells said. "I like when the weirdos find the other weirdos and then they make other weirdos... I like when the oddballs find the other oddballs."

When "Bachelor In Paradise" first began filming, Wells Adams took to Instagram to share a minor update about “Bachelor In Paradise” season 9, saying, “Day number two of Bachelor in Paradise 9 update: It’s official, the beach has been taken over by a bunch of Gen Zers who are using words that I don’t know what they mean at all, so I’m going to give you a rundown.”

The fan-favorite bartender went on to show his age, saying there are a lot of words and phrases that the cast uses that he has no idea what it means. “There’s a lot of talk about vibes — good vibes, bad vibes, the vibes are off, I don’t know,” he shared.

“What?! Also, keys are being thrown out a bunch,” he added. “There are high and low keys, and I low-key don’t know what the f-ck you’re talking about.”

“Flags” are also a “big thing” on the beach this year, not just red flags. “I’m talking about red, green, and beige flags,” Adams said. “Beige flags are a flag that isn’t a problem. It’s just like a quirk of your character.”

But that’s not all because Adams heard one phrase that completely blew his mind. “I heard someone say yesterday, ‘I’m confused.’ Those were the exact words that came out of their mouth. ‘I’m confused…’ What?!”