'Bachelor in Paradise': 5 Craziest Things Daniel Said

Monday's Bachelor in Paradise was filled with crazy antics but none were as crazy as the things that came from Daniel's mouth. Sarah tried to connect with the Canadian by making him a cake for his half-birthday. He instantly turned things sexual, saying, "Just put it in my mouth." Sarah asked if he'd lick frosting off of her. He responded, "We'll see....It depends if you showered." Daniel was trying to woo one of the Twins by romantically telling her, "When I first saw you, obviously I was attracted but as time goes on I'm even more attracted to you. When I see your butt I'm like, 'Damn,' you know? It's amazing. And I want you to know that. That's how I feel about you, you know?" As he had a conversation with Ashley I, the virgin who cries, he suggested she sleep with ten men in a month in the hopes of liking one. The best two things he said were also about Ashley I's virginity. Sadly they were both censored from the show but each ended Daniel saying, "freaking winning, like, a battle in Vietnam," and, "But unfortunately, you know, we can't do that yet with science."