Bachelor in Paradise : 1 Woman Rejects a Rose During the Final Season 8 Rose Ceremony

This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The remaining beachgoers decided if they wanted to commit or split on Monday's Bachelor in Paradise.

With the last cocktail party of the season approaching, Mara Agrait chose to bow out since, as she put it, "It's painfully obvious that my person is not here."

Host Jesse Palmer announced that the coupled-up cast members wouldn't have a chance to see where their relationships stood, as he canceled the cocktail party. Jesse, 43, simply urged everyone to question whether they were happy and in love.

The men handed out the roses at the final rose ceremony and Michael Allio started off by giving his rose to Danielle Maltby. Brandon Jones offered his to Serene Russell, Johnny DePhillipo extended his rose to Victoria Fuller and Tyler Norris presented his to Brittany Galvin.

Aaron Clancy continued by giving his rose to Genevieve Parisi and then twins Justin and Joey Young handed theirs to Florence Alexandra and Shanae Ankney, respectively.

Lastly, Logan Palmer asked Kate Gallivan if she'd accept his rose. But she said "no."

Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty, Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty

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"When Jesse told us earlier to ask ourselves if we were happier or in love, the answer to those questions for me is no," Kate, 33, told Logan, 26. "I know what I want, and this isn't it."

With that, both Kate and Logan made their exits.


As Fantasy Suites neared, the final couples needed to decide if they wanted to take their relationships to the next level, end things altogether, or continue exploring their connection outside of Paradise without getting engaged.

Unsurprisingly, Brandon and Serene, both 27, chose to stick around.

Tyler, 25, chatted with Brittany, also 25, about where he stood. "The night at the Sadie Hawkins dance when we were passing the ball back and forth together, you punted it over, I loved you right then and there," he said.

Brittany retuned the sentiment. "I can wholeheartedly tell you that I do love you," she said.

They decided to leave Paradise together. "Am I ready to get engaged right away? No," Tyler admitted to Brittany. "In the future, yes. I see that with you."

Shanae, 30, and Joey, 24, found themselves on different pages, though.


ABC/Craig Sjodin

Shanae told Joey her feelings "were more playful and not serious" and said she worried about the age difference. "The age gap kind of scares me and you living with your parents, that scares me," she said. "I'm looking for someone a little more independent."

This blindsided Joey, who thought he and Shanae had previously been in agreement about possibly seeing where their relationship went beyond the show.

"I want a man, I don't want someone on TikTok," Shanae continued.

"I don't do that though," Joey replied. "This is almost disrespectful."

Shanae couldn't be convinced. "I just don't think it's there," she told Joey.

Meanwhile, Joey's brother Justin, 24, and Florence, 32, amicably decided not to move forward with their relationship.

Johnny, 26, and Victoria, 28, exchanged "I love yous" and planned to stick around Paradise until the end.

But Aaron, 27, and Genevieve, also 27, did not.

"Whenever there is something wrong, you've wanted to leave and you've packed your bags and you've been on the road, and that's scary for me," Aaron told Genevieve. "Especially if you love someone, this is probably the easiest it's gonna get. I'm gonna be honest with you, life is not easy."

Genevieve Parisi Aaron Clancy
Genevieve Parisi Aaron Clancy

Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty, Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty

Aaron continued to tell Genevieve that he needs "someone that can give me security" — and he didn't feel like she could. "For that reason, I don't really think I can continue a relationship with you outside of Paradise," Aaron said.

Genevieve said nothing and got up to pack. After ruminating on the conversation, she decided to go back to Aaron and give him a piece of her mind.

"You're trying to rewrite everything and make it seem like you did nothing wrong," Genevieve said to him.

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Aaron said he didn't mean for her to take sole responsibility, but he stood by his original position. "You packed your bags so at the end of the day, in the future, you will do that again," he said.

Ultimately, he realized, "We don't fit together."

Genevieve left regretting the relationship. "I just wasted time on a child, and that's big facts," she told the cameras.

Danielle, 36, and Michael, 38, touched base and agreed to see how their relationship fared in the real world.

The single dad showed Danielle a compass he bought before his wife Laura died, an item he called "the most important thing I own."

"I can't help but think that this compass brought me to you," Michael said to Danielle.


Craig Sjodin/ABC, Bob D'Amico via Getty

Michael talked about how he couldn't wait to introduce Danielle to his son James one day. "I know it'll be something really special," he said.

Danielle looked forward to that. "It will be an absolute honor to meet James and I can't wait," she said. "I hope you know I'd never try and step in. Our losses are very different. I can't look back on mine and say that it was like this beautiful, safe, happy relationship and I know that when you look back on yours with Laura, it's just this incredible love. And just know that I really respect that and I honor it."

"She would love you. I know that," Michael replied. "She'd be happy it was you. So am I."


The last couples standing — Brandon and Serene and Victoria and Johnny — enjoyed a fancy dinner where they reminisced about their favorite Paradise memories and reflected on their relationships.

The next night, each pair received the option to spend some time away from the cameras in the Fantasy Suite.


Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty

"I've never been so in love with someone and it's because of who you are and the things that you do for me," Serene told Brandon. "And I know that this is the real deal between you and I."

Brandon agreed. "I'm letting you know that this is the only time that you'll have to do this in your life because I'm never letting you go," he said.

They chose to spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite.

Victoria and Johnny decided to address their relationship fears before picking whether they wanted to do the same.

"Mine is being abandoned," she said.

Johnny said he never felt worthy in a relationship. "I'm super hard on myself," he said. "I'm my worst critic. Even when it comes to just looking at myself in the mirror, I just hate everything about me and it's the weirdest thing ever. And I feel like every time I was in some kind of relationship, it always ended, and they were gone."

Victoria tried to convince Johnny of his worth. "You are like the best guy ever and I just love you," she said.

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Victoria also said she could picture herself marrying Johnny. "I'm 1,000 percent ready and I see that with you," she told Johnny. "It's not scary when I think about it with you."

Johnny said he wouldn't just propose because he knew Victoria wanted that. "This is a huge deal and it's a big deal for me," he explained. "And I'm not just going to be like, I want to just because you want to."

Instead, Johnny wanted to "take my time to reflect." "I don't know if you're ever ready," he concluded.

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Bachelor in Paradise's season 8 finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.