Bachelor Nation is crushed over their favorite contestant being sent home

More than half of the remaining ten women vying for Matt James's heart went home on Monday's episode of The Bachelor, leaving only four ladies who are moving on to next week's hometowns.

Among the six women whose hearts were broken was Bachelor Nation favorite Abigail Heringer, the show's first deaf contestant and the woman who received Matt's first impression rose on night one. After six weeks, Abigail became the only remaining contestant who hadn't been on a one-on-one with Matt. "We are hitting that point where certain relationships are moving faster, and are at the next level, but I feel like I'm struggling to keep our relationship moving forward, and it's just frustrating," said Abigail.

Matt was honest with Abigail, as he told her, "You know, from night one, our first conversation, I was instantly drawn to you. You were vulnerable with me, you're beautiful and compassionate, understanding, everything that I'm looking for, and it was a no-brainer that I'd give you the First Impression Rose. And I was so comfortable in our relationship that I explored other relationships. And in exploring those relationships with other women, and going on those one-on-ones, I did grow strong feelings for them. And being honest with you and following my heart, my heart's pulling me in another direction. I apologize. The last thing I wanna do is lead you on and lie to you. You deserve someone who's gonna put you first."

After saying goodbye to Matt, Abigail heartbreakingly shared, "For me to, like, lay it all out and then for him just to come back and say he doesn't see it, um, it's just kind of eating me alive right now. I just feel like I'm just constantly, like, the person that makes men realize what they want next, but they never want that with me, so it's just a hard pill that I'm gonna have to swallow."

Viewers were upset with Matt for breaking Abigail's heart. However, Bachelor Nation's feelings quickly went from being upset to hopeful, after realizing that now Abigail could be a candidate for the next season of The Bachelorette.