The Bachelor’s Lexi Young Says Daisy Kent Is ‘Really Happy’ With Boyfriend Thor Herbst

The Bachelors Lexi Young Says Daisy Kent Is Really Happy With Boyfriend Thor Herbst
Lexi Young and Daisy Kent Getty Images (2)
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The Bachelor alum Lexi Young has seen firsthand how Daisy Kent lights up around her new boyfriend, Thor Herbst.

“I have FaceTimed with Daisy and he was there,” Young, 30, exclusively told Us Weekly at the Endometriosis Foundation of America’s Blossom Ball on Friday, May 3. “She's really happy. I'll just say that.”

Young and Kent, 25, met on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor, which concluded earlier this year. During the March finale, Kent broke up with Graziadei, 28, once she realized Kelsey Anderson was The One for him. (Graziadei is currently engaged to Anderson, 25.)

Kent has since started dating her college friend Herbst, which Us exclusively confirmed last month.

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“They met in college at San Diego State University and reconnected after she left the show,” a source told Us in April. “He reached out to her first, and it’s been going really well.”

The pair have recently been traveling together as Herbst joined Kent on a family vacation before hitting Stagecoach with Bachelor Nation friends on April 28.

Kent has not yet publicly debuted her new man on social media. However, she briefly addressed their connection during a recent appearance on Hannah Brown’s “Better Tomorrow” podcast.

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“[It’s] kind of like we’ve re-met,” she said on the Wednesday, May 1, podcast episode. “We’re way different than how we used to be. … There’s so much of my life going on too, so everything’s just crazy, but everything’s so good. And I’m just, I’m happy, and I didn’t think all of this would come, like, evolve from doing what I did, but it did.”

Young is also doing well after leaving The Bachelor, recently starting to put herself back out there.

“I finally dipped my toe in the dating pool. It's been fun,” Young gushed to Us at New York City’s Gotham Hall. “OK, I am 30 and I'm very ready to find the right person. But I have a list of things [and] I’m, like, ‘Until you meet these criteria and you're serious, I'm not gonna invest my time.’ But I've met some great people and who knows [what will happen]?”

The Bachelors c Says Daisy Kent Is Really Happy With Boyfriend Thor Herbst
Lexi Young Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Endometriosis Foundation of America

Despite meeting “great” individuals, Young does “wonder [about] people’s intentions” given her recent reality TV stint.

“Before I lived a really private life and now everything's so public,” she said. “But I think it's also a great thing because you have the opportunity to meet more people.”

In addition to putting herself out there, Young is stepping into a new role as an advocate after revealing her endometriosis diagnosis on The Bachelor.

“I wasn't sure even [as I was] going into the process if I was gonna open up about my endo, but it felt like the right time,” she said. “And I've made such an impact sharing my story because a lot of women are scared to talk about it, especially in a dating setting. And so for me, like, even though I didn't find my person on this show, like, my reason and purpose to go on was to spread awareness about endometriosis. And so I'm just really grateful.”

Friday’s Blossom Ball recognized several individuals for openly sharing their endometriosis journeys.

“One in 10 women have endometriosis and it takes on average 10 years to get a diagnosis, and I was that person,” Young explained to Us. “That was me and that was my story. So I've had thousands and thousands of women reach out to me and say how much me sharing encouraged them to go get a doctor's appointment — and women are so [often] believed. Usually, when you're at the doctor's, you're shut down in the medical system.”

With reporting by Travis Cronin