The Bachelor’s Daisy Kent Confirms Thor Herbst Romance and Reveals How They Reconnected

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The Bachelor's Daisy Kent has confirmed her romance with Thor Herbst and revealed how they reconnected after she didn't end up with Joey Graziadei ​on season 28 of the ABC dating show.

“It wasn’t until after the show that we decided to try to give it a go,” Daisy, 25, recalled while appearing on the Monday, May 13, episode of the “Scrubbing In” podcast.

Thor made the first move and reached out to Daisy, who confessed, "And we’re giving it a go and it’s going good.”

The pair initially dated four years ago while students at San Diego State University.

"We didn’t date for very long, but we were always really good friends after, and our whole college friend group is super close," Daisy told hosts Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad.

The Minnesota native said that it was Thor who called off their romance while in college. "We weren't at a place to have a relationship and I think at the time we were both very 'college.' It was the best thing for the both of us."

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Daisy shared that she made sure with Thor that he was OK with her discussing their relationship before going on the podcast.

“I called him before I was coming here. I was just like, ‘I might get asked about it. Do you want me to not say anything?’ He’s like, ‘Whatever you want to share. But if you ever feel uncomfortable, just say that’s between me and him,’” she said. “So he’s very supportive of what I want to do and all of this too, but he never ever thought this would happen.”

Daisy and Thor took a trip to Mexico in April and attended the Stagecoach Music Festival on April 28.

The Bachelor's Daisy Kent Confirms Thor Herbst Romance
The Bachelor's Daisy Kent Confirms Thor Herbst Romance

"I know it feels like a big deal to everybody else, but to me it doesn't feel like a really big deal. I've known him for so long and he's always been a good friend of mine," the account executive said.

"Also, I dated other people in between, too, before the show and went on the show and the show's been done for a while. But I don't think people always understand the show's over, it didn't work out for me, so why should I not live my life and date people and experience things?" she added.

Even though early spoilers originally had Daisy becoming Joey's final rose recipient on The Bachelor, the pair ended their relationship at the final rose ceremony ​during the finale episode that aired on March 25.

During their final date, Daisy said that something “felt off” and she realized Joey, 28, had stronger feelings for fellow finalist Kelsey Anderson.

Kelsey, 25, and Daisy took the same car to the final rose ceremony, where the TikTok star ​approached Joey first.

“I do love you, but the thing is, you’re not going to choose me,” Daisy told Joey at the podium. “The last couple days I realized that you’re not my person and I know that you know that. And as much as that hurts I know you said you want the best for me so I’m gonna do what’s best for me and I’m gonna go.”