This 'Bachelor' couple says the show's producers don't actually care about love

Sophie Ludel
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
·1 min read

Bachelor couple Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth stopped by The Morning Breath today and answered some viewer questions, including this one: “Do you think the producers care more about the views/drama than actually finding people who are actually a good match?”

Short answer: Yes. Shawn says, “[The producers] don’t care anything about the relationship. They don’t care if a relationship works; they just want the ratings.” His fiancée of more than two years completely agreed with him. “They care about the ratings,” says Bristowe. “Ratings, ratings, ratings.”

The two said that once the show is over, and the audience has its happy ending, the producers couldn’t care less about whether the couple actually stays together. As Shawn put it, “You’re still gonna watch.”

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