‘Bachelor’ Contestant Lea Cayanan Met Joey Graziadei at ‘After the Final Rose’: 5 Things to Know

Who Is Lea Cayanan? What to Know About the 'Bachelor' Contestant Who Met Joey Graziadei at 'AFTR'
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Lea Cayanan has a leg up in the match for lead Joey Graziadei’s heart since she met him at After the Final Rose.

Joey, 28, was announced as the season 28 lead during the August 2023 live AFR taping of Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette. 

“[This process] 100 percent tests me. I think it wouldn't be myself if it didn't test me. It's something that felt very unnatural early on,” Joey exclusively told Us Weekly ahead of the January premiere. “I tried to be as open and honest about that. I didn't try to act like I was supposed to be in this role or I had it figured out. … What I kept trying to do was do it to the best of my ability and just kind of trust that I was doing my best so I could kind of live with everything that comes out of it.”

Shortly after Charity passed the torch to her ex on AFR, host Jesse Palmer revealed that one lucky audience member would be a member of the cast. Lea, 23, received that honor — and a special envelope to bring with her to Night 1.

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“Lea takes relationships and love very seriously and has never been one for casual dating,” her official ABC cast bio reads. “She is ready to be wifed up and is a sucker for big romantic gestures. Joey, we hope you're taking notes!”

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Where Is Lea Cayanan From?

Lea hails from Oahu, Hawaii, but has since relocated to Los Angeles.

Who Is Lea Cayanan? What to Know About the 'Bachelor' Contestant Who Met Joey Graziadei at 'AFTR'
Courtesy of Lea Cayanan/Instagram

What Did Lea Cayanan Study in College?

She graduated from Gonzaga University in May 2022 with Bachelor’s of Business Administration degrees in Finance, Marketing, Law & Public Policy. She currently works as an account manager.

How Did Lea Cayanan 1st Meet Bachelor Joey Graziadei?

Lea was in the crowd at AFR in August 2023 and was selected to join the lineup of contestants on season 28. She was also gifted a mystery envelope and was instructed not to open it until she arrived at the Bachelor Mansion.

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What Did Lea Cayanan’s Fellow ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Think About Her Envelope?

In a sneak peek clip of the season 28 premiere, Lea’s fellow contestants were freaking out about the contents of the sealed envelope.

“What if it puts her a couple steps ahead [of us]?” one woman asked in a voiceover. “So, I’m curious to see what it is.”

They wondered if it was a date card, an “immunity” token or the chance to send another woman home early.

Who Is Lea Cayanan? What to Know About the 'Bachelor' Contestant Who Met Joey Graziadei at 'AFTR'
Disney/Richard Middlesworth

What Are Lea Cayanan’s ‘Bachelor’ Fun Facts?

In her official ABC cast bio, Lea revealed that she was on the canoe-paddling team in high school, plays the flute and is a cliff-diving enthusiast.