Baby Yoda Takes Shot at Baby Groot on 'SNL'

Tara C. Mahadevan
·1 min read

It looks like Baby Yoda and Baby Groot still have some beef.

Kyle Mooney’s Baby Yoda returned to Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” for a special Halloween episode, as a nod to The Mandalorian’s return to Disney+ for Season 2. Outfitted in an orb-like vessel, Baby Yoda threw shade at Baby Groot: “Imma put it like this,” Baby Yoda said, “Baby Groot...we ain't friends. I know you're still talking smack about me and I just want to say your Tik Toks are cringe, bro!”

Baby Yoda continued, “But honestly, it’s all love—I’m not a hater. But if you say my name one more time, I’ll kill you.”

He also promoted his new cannabis line, which includes a weed strain called “Dago-Bud,” edibles named “Wookie Cookies,” and a CBD kombucha, “Jabba the Kombucha.”

SNL debuted its Baby Yoda last year after The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+, which was the first time we saw Baby Yoda threaten the Guardian’s of the Galaxy’s Baby Groot.

“Baby Groot, do me a favor,” Baby Yoda said at the time. “Keep my name out of your little tree mouth, before I snap you like a twig.”

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