Baby Yoda Movie? Bob Iger Says Disney+ ‘Star Wars’ TV Shows Could Become Films

“The Mandalorian” gifted the world Baby Yoda and the first-ever live-action “Star Wars” TV show may have also gifted Disney its next big-screen star.

As Disney plots the future of “Star Wars” following “Rise of Skywalker,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said the studio could look to Disney+ characters, which will no doubt get fans excited over the possibility of getting “Baby Yoda: A Star Wars Story.” During a recent episode of the YouTube series, “The Star Wars Show,” Iger mentioned that the future of “Star Wars” is multi-platform.

“I love the ability to really be agnostic in terms of what platform it’s being made for,” Iger said. “And so it could be, down the road, that a TV show becomes a movie and a movie becomes a TV series. I’m not making any announcements here or not, but I think it’s important for us to be agnostic.”

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“Star Wars” wouldn’t be the only Disney brand to tie what it is doing on the newly-launched streaming service with its films. Marvel Studios is developing seven different shows set inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including many that feature characters from the films. It appears Disney is looking at that for “Star Wars” as well.

“I don’t look at it as just television, I look at it as an extension of ‘Star Wars’ storytelling,” Iger said. “What Disney+ has given us the ability to do is to do just that, is to bring ‘Star Wars’ to people in new ways, and to bring new ‘Star Wars’ to people. It’s not the same places or the same characters. Just look at ‘Mandalorian.’ While, obviously, there’s a lot shared, there’s a lot that’s really fresh, and I love that.”

“The Mandalorian” wrapped its debut season last week and Jon Favreau announced that the show will return next fall.

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