Baby girl tricks mom with dramatic mood swing in adorable TikTok: ‘Wait for it’

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A baby girl totally tricked her mom with her dramatic mood swing in this adorable viral video.

TikTok mom Mya Kimbrough shared footage of her toddler girl caught in the act. The little one was at the age when she was smart enough to know what would get mom’s attention: Crying. But of course, in a battle of wits, mom always wins. Kimbrough knew exactly what her daughter was up to.

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“Wait for it,” the video caption read.

The toddler wasn’t on screen yet, but you could hear her audibly wailing. It sounded as though the sky was falling the way she was crying. But as soon as the mom found her, the little girl immediately started laughing and smiling. She just needed some love from mama.

The hilarious video received 2.5 million likes and 18.8 million views on TikTok.

Children tend to use crying as a tool to get their parent’s attention when they may not have the words to express their needs yet.

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“Tears are a good way to draw a parent in and seek both attention and service, which children sometimes interpret as love and affirmation that you care about them. Or they’re already learning to manipulate you to do what they want,” parenting educator Beverly Cathcart-Ross told Today’s Parent.

Of course, parents don’t want their kids to become master manipulators. But unless it’s a frequent pattern, it’s fairly normal behavior for kids still learning to communicate.

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