Baby boy challenges Dad to adorable beatbox battle

Beatboxing is usually pretty impressive for adults. But for babies, it can be downright magic. Singer-songwriter Jason Manns posts about fatherhood and his life touring on the road on Instagram. Back in 2019, he shared a precious moment with his son Tripp, who was 11 months old at the time. Manns and Tripp went head-to-head in beatbox battle and it was nothing short of adorable. The video went viral years later when it was reposted on @TheDad on TikTok. "He’s been working on his skills while I was on tour. His lack of teeth gives him an unfair advantage". Manns made a hip-hop beat with his mouth. Then Tripp tried to copy him but all he could manage was to blow a raspberry and release a bit of spit. Manns started to laugh and Tripp continued to blow raspberries in the father's face. The father chuckled as he wiped the boy's saliva off his face. Meanwhile, Tripp was giddy with giggles. The viral video racked up 2.2 million likes on TikTok. "So cute! Nothing like baby laughter," a person commented