Aziz Ansari’s Friendship With Kanye West Gives Us the Best Stories

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Close followers of Aziz Ansari will know he’s talked about his friendship with Kanye West before, but on The Bill Simmons Podcast, he brought some truly amazing new stories to the table. Like the fact that Kanye has someone “test” out his vintage Hermès luggage.

Ansari recalls that he was hanging out with Kanye while he was working on his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy when someone arrived with two suitcases. He said, “[Kanye’s] got two vintage Hermès suitcases. He’s trying to pick which suitcase. And he [tells one] of his guys, he’s like, ‘Yo, grab that one and, like, walk around with it a little bit. All right, grab the other one and walk around.’ It’s like seeing which one looks cooler to walk around with!”

Ansari says he befriended Kanye after the rapper went to some of his standup shows. And eventually, he somehow managed to befriend Jay Z too. It was during the recording of their album Watch the Throne and Ansari remembered, “That was when I knew him and Jay Z the most … I just kept seeing them all the time in New York!”

He went on to out Jay Z as a foodie: “Jay Z is, like, into food. I don’t know if people even know that. But he’s really into food.”

Ansari says he hasn’t seen Kanye much since he married Kim (he joked that that’s what happens with all his friends), but the experience remains a surreal highlight of his life. He explained how it felt to be in the music video for Kanye and Jay Z’s song “Otis.”

He told Bill Simmons, “I’m an Indian kid from Bennettsville, South Carolina, and I’m in the biggest rap video — why am I here? [It’s] one of the most bizarre asterisks in my career.”

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