Avengers Answer Fan Questions: Jeremy Renner Crushed on Wonder Woman and More

As the popularity of Marvel’s Avengers movies (you may have heard of them) soars, fans have more and more questions for the Age of Ultron cast. We’ve collected some of our favorites and asked the superhero stars, which leads to a few interesting revelations in the video above.

Jeremy Renner’s first big crush? That would be Wonder Woman, rival DC Comics’ lead heroine — and he also thinks co-star Cobie Smulders bears some resemblance to the original warrior princess, Lynda Carter (“I’ll take that right to the bank and deposit it,” Smulders replies).

There has been no on-set costume-swapping since the day Tom Hiddleston dressed as Captain America while filming Thor: The Dark World. “Those costumes are gross,” says Smulders.

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Mark Ruffalo’s favorite plaything? Hulk’s alter ego says he liked to pick up Thor’s hammer — which viewers of Age of Ultron know carries special meaning.  That meaning? “It means you like props,” quips co-star Scarlett Johansson.

Just don’t ask Chris Evans who would win in an arm-wrestling match between him and Chris Hemsworth. “Vanessa can take a hike,” Evans says of the fan inquirer (he meant Valeriy) after explaining that you might as well ask them who has the better Australian accent.

So “Chris Hemsworth” would be the answer you’re looking for there, Valeriy.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is now in theaters. Watch the cast talk about their various costume upgrades: