'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Toy Reveal — Did We Spot Some Spoilers? (Exclusive)

One day later and we’re still wrapping our heads around the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. But while forensic experts continue to dissect that clip (including here at Yahoo Movies), we’ve been seeking clues to the eagerly anticipated sequel elsewhere.

Namely, the toy bin.

Hasbro has given us an exclusive sneak preview of its upcoming Age of Ultron sets, hitting shelves next month, and we managed to glean some possible plot points from the toys.

WARNING: Possible Spoilers Ahead.

Earth’s Mightiest have a new tailor. As seen in both trailers and based on their 12-inch Titan Hero Tech selves, Thor and Hulk’s wardrobe remains unchanged from the last go-round. But Captain America is sporting a snazzier suit, with a more stylized star-spangled shirt (note the red highlights). Iron Man, meanwhile, models new Mark 43 duds — outwardly similar to the Mark 42 armor from Iron Man 3, this suit has more crimson and less gold, and lots more firepower. When in close proximity these figures, which will also include Ultron, interact with each other based on cues from the upcoming film.

(Titan Hero Tech, assorted electronic figures, $20 each)

Hulkbuster is the new black. No discussion of superhero fashions in Age of Ultron would be complete without remarking on Tony Stark’s biggest, baddest get-up yet. The Hulkbuster armor, which has had fanfolk giddy since the concept art first emerged, and reached new levels with the epic throwdown in the latest trailer, will be available in multiple toy forms. First up, the super-sized electronic Titan Hero Tech version complete with “a great signature jackhammer punch and repulsor chest lights.”

(Titan Hero Tech Hulkbuster Iron Man, $35)

And there’s the Hulkbuster Breakout set, pairing the beefed-up Iron Man with a mini Hulk in Hasbro’s small-scale 2.5-inchline introduced with last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This is one of several separately sold sets that combine to form an Avengers Tower, complete with a landing pad for the souped-up Quinjet, a lab to build your own Ultron (at your own risk), and plenty of room for the pint-sized Avengers to intermingle.

(Age of Ultron 2.5-inch Hulkbuster Breakout set, $20)

Ultron’s got backup. The most notable revelation from the new toys: Ultron has scary-looking reinforcements. In the comics the dastardly ‘droid takes different forms and unleashes a drone army of his creation, as depicted in the most recent trailer.

Here are first looks at the insectoid Ultron minions. Hasbro calls them “sub-Ultron figures,” which can be taken apart and re-combined into larger mechanical menaces.

(Age of Ultron 2.5-inch sub-Ultrons, each comes packaged with a different hero, $6 per set)

Rhodey moves up to the bigs? From the first trailer, when Ultron crashes our heroes’ cocktail party, we know that Tony Stark BFF Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes is in the sequel. But will he actually don his War Machine gear and fight alongside the Avengers onscreen? There’s been no indication of such a development, but soon you can play out that scenario at home with Hasbro’s 2.5-inch-scale set. We’re not sure why War Machine needs that Batpod-esque bike, but it does make for a cool-looking toy.

(War Machine & Captain America 2.5-inch Deluxe Figure Set, $10)

What’s missing. These new sets feature Ultron, sub-Ultrons, and plenty of returning heroes (including Hawkeye and Nick Fury), however, Hasbro hasn’t unveiled new Avengers additions Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the Vision (who still hasn’t been shown in any official capacity). Toy Fair, the industry trade show, is a month away; we’re sure Hasbro is saving some more surprises for then.

Meantime, here is a closer look at the fully assembled Avengers HQ playset, comprised of Hulkbuster Breakout ($20), Captain America Tower Defense ($20), Iron Man Lab Attack ($20), and Cycle Blast Quinjet ($30), with 2.5-inch deluxe figures ($10) and assorted figures ($6).

The toys arrive next month; Age of Ultron the movie hits theaters May 1.

Here’s one more look at the new trailer: