Avelino Announces Debut Album With RA-Assisted “God Save The Streets (Part 2)”

In a world of immediacy and impatience, there really is something to be said for biding your time and resisting the urge to take the first opportunity. Avelino, for example, has been patiently laying the foundations of his next move for years now.

We’ve had a huge tower of singles and three scene-stealing mixtapes—Young Fire, Old Flame with Wretch 32, 2017’s NO BULLSHIT, and last year’s Ego Kills—plus the F.Y.O EP, but it’s only now that he’s announcing the arrival of his upcoming debut album, God Save The Streets.

Not one to do things by halves, he made the announcement with a dramatic parade through the streets of North London, taking particular care to stop by White Hart Lane with a mob of fans to carry him on their shoulders.

Running alongside that, he also dropped off the album’s first single, “God Save The Streets (Part 2)”, which comes with a feature from R.A. The South London legend makes for the perfect sparring partner here, fitting right in between Avelino’s rousing rhetoric and producer Raf Riley’s dramatic, drill-tinged instrumental.

According to details on Avelino’s official online store, the album was overseen by Fraser T. Smith and features Wretch 32 as executive producer. The page also says we can expect the album on digital, CD and vinyl on March 10. While we wait, get into the new single below.