Avantika Looks Unrecognizable With Blonde Hair and Thin Brows on Galore Magazine

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Avantika, is that you? The Mean Girls star is on the cover of Galore magazine, but we had to do a double take to make sure it was really her at first. Instead of her signature long, dark hair, she's blonde — and her brows are practically invisible.

In the interview, Avantika discusses her childhood in the Bay Area, her South Asian heritage, and her new projects, the TV series Big Girls Don't Cry and horror movie Tarot. For the accompanying photoshoot, she wears a gorgeous, softly waved dark blonde wig, parted in the center and pulled half-up for a romantic vibe. Later in the shoot, her hair is piled atop her head in a glamorously messy updo with tendrils on either side of her face.

The blonde hair isn't the only big change; Avantika's brows have been erased and drawn on super, super thin in a glamorous '30s Hollywood style; in some of the photos, she wears minimal eye makeup, while in others, you see the coolest acid green shadow on her lids.

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Fans wasted no time pointing out the similarities between Avantika and Rapunzel; the actor was rumored to be cast in a live-action adaptation of Disney's Tangled and faced racist backlash, though Disney has not confirmed the project. As noted by People, Avantika is working on a different princess project; she'll appear in and executive produce the Disney+ series A Crown of Wishes. “I can’t unsee Rapunzel. You’re perfect!” wrote one fan. “Rapunzel allegations >>>>," added another.

If you're curious about Avantika's current beauty routine, she shares a few of her favorite products and ingredients. For skin care, she's into “gentle moisturizer, vitamin C, niacinamide, retinol, and thick moisturizers.” She cares for her gorgeous long hair with products from Shea Moisture and Fable and Mane. Elsewhere in the interview, she says she'd love to appear in an action movie and a rom-com, so fingers crossed we get to see her in both ASAP.

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