Autopsy Report Reveals Sam Haskell Jr. Allegedly Used A Power Tool To Dismember Wife’s Body


The autopsy report shows Sam Haskell Jr.'s wife, Mei Haskell, could have been dismembered by a power tool.

Samuel Haskell Jr., the son of Sam Haskell Sr., founder and president of Magnolia Hill Productions, was arrested after a woman’s torso was discovered last year. He was put in cuffs in connection to his wife and in-law's deaths and pleaded not guilty to three counts of murder in a Los Angeles court.

Now, the autopsy report, obtained exclusively by The Blast, is giving more insight to Mei's death.

Autopsy Shows Sam Haskell Jr. Likely Used Power Tools

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According to the medical examiner investigator's report, obtained by The Blast, the autopsy "revealed a dismembered torso with a single sharp force injury at the base of the anterior neck."

"The head, majority of the neck, and majority of all 4 extremities were absent. The bone margins at the amputation sites were remarkably smooth. This suggests a sharp powered tool was likely used to perform these amputations."

The report also stated that "There was no definitive indication that the dismemberment occurred antemortem, however, the possibility that the head and neck removal was initiated prior to death cannot be entirely excluded," meaning that Mei's head and neck could have been dismembered before she passed away.

The medical examiner found no fatal injuries on the torso.

How Did Mei Haskell Die?

New Records Show Sam Haskell Jr.'s Hollywood-Related Case Was NOT Murder

Prior to the official release of the autopsy report, The Blast reported Mei's cause of death was “homicidal violence.” While it is still unknown exactly how Mei died, the report states the "most likely possibilities are blunt force trauma of the head/neck, gunshot wound(s) of the head/neck, sharp force injury of the head/neck, and forms of asphyxia."

Remember, the medical examiner was only able to examine the available remains -- as the body was dismembered and only parts of Mei's deceased body were located.

There were no toxicological findings, but "the possibility of poisoning with an unidentified substance cannot be entirely excluded."

"Given the circumstances of the case, which includes the deliberate concealment of the body by dismemberment and disposal, the cause of death is homicidal violence," the autopsy officially states. "Therefore, the manner of death is homicide."

Victim Identified As Sam Haskell Jr.'s Wife

New Records Show Sam Haskell Jr.'s Hollywood-Related Case Was NOT Murder

The medical examiner identified the torso belonged to 37-year-old Mei Haskell, the wife of Samuel Haskell Jr.  The couple share three children together, who were all located safe at their school after the discovery.

They are in the Department of Child and Family Services's custody.

Interestingly enough, according to Mei’s friends, she had wanted to divorce Haskell Jr. for nearly four years, but she was afraid that his powerful celebrity agent father would persuade the courts to give him custody of their children.

Sam Haskell Jr. Is On Suicide Watch

After Haskell Jr. was arrested, he was put on suicide watch in the LAPD’s Valley Jail in Van Nuys. He appeared in court without a shirt due to the fear he would strangle or injure himself, but he did wear a vest.

At the time of the crime, authorities said they found blood in Haskell Jr.’s home, where they believe the murder of Mei Haskell took place.

“Here in the house, once officers made entry, what was discovered was evidence of a crime, including some blood evidence and other items that I’m not going to provide at this point,” Detective Gutierrez said at the time.

Who is Sam Haskell Sr.?

New Records Show Sam Haskell Jr.'s Hollywood-Related Case Was NOT Murder
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Sam Haskell Sr., is a powerful celebrity agent and has represented various celebrities including George Clooney, Martin Short, Kirstie Alley, Tony Danza, Prince Edward, and Kathie Lee Gifford.

He has also worked with Dolly Parton as he produced various specials for the country music singer.

Mary Donnelly Haskell, Sam Haskell's wife and Sam Haskell Jr.'s mom, is an actor and was crowned Miss Mississippi in 1977.

Sam Haskell Jr. is also believed to have murdered Mei's parents. He has since entered not-guilty pleas for all charges.