Australian Geographic Shares Adorable Video of a Wallaby Playing the ‘Air Guitar'

If there's one thing that people can't get enough of on social media, it's videos of adorable animals doing cute things. So when Australian Geographic (Aus Geo) shared this video of a wallaby playing the air guitar, I knew I had to share it! Aus Geo posted the rockin' video on Wednesday, June 5th, and I'm not embarrassed to admit that I've probably watched it at least 10 times!

The video is only seven seconds long, but that's all the time you need to watch the wallaby rock out. I don't know what he's really doing, but it does indeed appear that he's playing the air guitar! Make sure your sound is on because it also seems that he's playing to the beat of the song perfectly.

He was really rockin' out and plays the air guitar like a pro! Somebody get this wallaby a gig STAT! I wasn't the only one who got a kick out of Aus Geo's sweet video. @emmy nevi spoke for all of us when she said, "Best air band guitar playing I've seen in a while." Another commenter pointed out, "Cool guitar playing!" and Aus Geo replied, "He is a cool little dude!"

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Differences Between Kangaroos and Wallabies

When I first started writing this article, I thought that the animal was a kangaroo joey, not a wallaby. Apparently, I wasn't the only one. @AKgrl33 left the comment, "Rock on little roo!" Because they are so similar, I thought I'd share some of the differences between kangaroos and wallabies.

One of the main differences between the two are their sizes. Kangaroos are larger while wallabies are smaller in body size. Kangaroos can grow as tall as 8 feet and weigh as much as 200 pounds. Wallabies, on the other hand, average around one to three feet in height and only weigh up to 53 pounds. Their tails of course are different lengths as well. In short (no pun intended!) wallabies are much smaller than their kangaroo cousins! Kangaroos' coats are normally dull, while wallabies tend to have shiny coats. Kangaroos also live longer, up to 25 years while wallabies only live up to 14 years. Kangaroos are also more aggressive than their smaller relatives.

Wallabies are usually found in forests and woodlands, while kangaroos are commonly found in open grasslands and savannas. They also eat different things; kangaroos feed on grass while wallabies feed on leaves. Interestingly, A - Z Animals shares that these animals rarely if ever even cross paths.

Their diets lead us to another key difference that A-Z points out, their teeth. "Wallabies have flat teeth, which they use to eat leaves in their natural habitat. Kangaroos have curved teeth that allow them to cut stalks of grass with ease."

Aus Geo also shared this adorable fact in their caption, “Wallabies are part of the scientific family Macropodidae – which also includes kangaroos, wallaroos and quokkas – but did you know that Macropodidae means ‘big feet’?” How cute and very fitting!

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