Attorney Ronald Richards Details ‘Devastating Day’ for Erika Jayne Girardi

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images
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Ronald Richards has new details in the case of Marco Marco against Erika Jayne. For those who aren’t caught up on the situation between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Christopher Psaila, basically, it’s complicated. Strap in.

In August 2023, Christopher filed a lawsuit against Secret Service agents, Erika, her assistants, Laia Ribatallada and Michael Minden, and American Express employee Peter Grimm. Psaila was suing with the claim that Erika and her associates conspired to frame him for fraud. Further, Erika alleged that Psaila’s costume business, Marco Marco, illegally overcharged her card up to $900,000.

Psaila consequently denied the charges Erika and company made against him, suing for “malicious prosecution and conspiracy.” Many familiar with the situation claim that Erika unlawfully ruined Christopher’s life. Erika motioned to dismiss the case against her. Now, we have an update.

Erika fails to get the case against her dismissed

On February 27, attorney Ronald Richards put out a tweet, writing, “??Devastating day for Erika Girardi, to our surprise, the federal court in a short opinion DENIED her SLAPP motion to dismiss Christopher Psaila’s case.” Attached to the reply was the court’s opinion, officially denying Erika’s motion.

“[Erika] will now face a trial on allegations she falsely got her costumer [sic] designer charged,” Richards went on. “Nothing is ever a lock in court. Congrats to Marco Marco! This is one of her worst losses as she won’t be able to delay this trial and the facts are bad for her.”

One reply wrote, “I am still a bit leery of this one. Marco admitted to overcharging her many times.” Richards responded, “Not for criminal conduct the US attorney already dismissed the case.” So, what does this mean for Erika’s future? Well, that has yet to be seen. But as Richards pointed out, it’s not a good look for Erika at present.

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