Attack on Titan: How Are Levi and Mikasa Related?

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Attack on Titan stands as a captivating anime and manga series since long. Renowned for its gripping narrative, unforeseen twists, and complex character relationships, the series has a lot to offer. Set within a dystopian world filled by towering humanoid creatures known as Titans, this series takes viewers on a ride. The story follows humanity’s struggle for survival within enormous walled cities.

Mikasa Ackerman and Captain Levi Ackerman emerge as two major figures in the Attack on Titan universe. Mikasa, initially introduced as Eren Yeager’s adoptive sister, shows exceptional combat skills, steady loyalty, and a sound connection to Eren. Captain Levi, famous for his mastery in combat and leadership, has an interesting arc. He holds a stoic demeanor and an unyielding dedication to protecting humanity.

The possibility of a familial link between Mikasa and Levi stems from various key moments and revelations within the series. Let’s dive a little deeper into the connection between Levi and Mikasa.

Are Mikasa and Levi related?

Speculations about the connection between Mikasa and Levi arise due to several key facts and shared attributes. Mikasa and Levi both bear the surname “Ackerman,” a significant detail in a world where surnames often depict family ties. Beyond their name, they share remarkable combat prowess, reserved personalities, and loyalty to their leaders—Mikasa to Eren and Levi to Erwin.

The introduction of Kenny Ackerman, known as Kenny The Ripper, sheds light on a potential familial link between Mikasa and Levi. Kenny’s association with both characters hints at a deeper connection, supported by Mikasa’s acknowledgment of the Ackermans’ historical persecution.

Mikasa and Levi showcase similar bursts of exceptional power, a trait linked to their shared lineage with Kenny. Levi’s inquiry about Mikasa’s sudden surges of strength aligns with experiences shared by him and Kenny, suggesting an underlying familial bond rooted in extraordinary abilities.

While not officially confirmed, the intricacies of Mikasa and Levi’s relationship in Attack on Titan point toward a complex family connection. Their shared surname, abilities, and ties to Kenny Ackerman allude to a lineage connecting them, adding depth and intrigue to their characters within the series.

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