Attack at Korean couples’ store was appalling. Charlotte must do better.

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Korean couple

Regarding “Attacker trashes shop owned by Korean family,” (April 3):

Charlotte prides itself on being a welcoming, progressive and diverse city, enhanced by its Southern hospitality.

So how, in a city that constantly sells itself that way, do we have a couple, originally from Korea, being constantly subjected to theft, violence, Asian hate rhetoric and sexual harassment as they go about their business of running a convenience store in the Charlotte Transit Center?

The recent violence in the couples’ store was disturbing. The fact that it happens routinely, with multiple calls to the police almost daily, is appalling and just unacceptable.

Is this the best Charlotte can do? I sincerely hope not. This hard-working couple and their family deserve better than this from our city. Now!

Connie Rogers, Charlotte

All-Star game

Regarding “MLB All-Star Game yanked from Georgia over voting law,” (April 3):

So now what was once considered “America’s pastime” has caved to the radical left and pulled the All-Star game from Atlanta. Maybe it’s time to boycott Major League Baseball?

What a sad day for America. This nonsense has gotten out of control and is tearing the country apart.

Tom Donna, Myrtle Beach

Lessons learned

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp complains about MLB caving to pressure from the liberals in its decision to move the All-Star game from Atlanta. Welcome to HB2 country. Not only do elections have consequences, legislation has consequences. We learned that lesson the hard way in North Carolina. Georgia legislators must not have been paying attention.

Kent Rhodes, Charlotte

Teaching phonics

Regarding “Schools must teach using phonics, state lawmakers say,” (April 3):

Elected officials are looking for a single solution to a very complex problem. It sounds great as a soundbite, but it will not work to improve the reading skills of students.

Phonics is only a part of the solution. Reading comprehension is vital and analysis of the text comes next.

If we want children to succeed, stress the need to read, not just learn to read at school, but practice, practice, practice at home until they leap to the next level.

Like any other skill, readers become more proficient as they put in the time and effort. Turn off the computer and put a book in their hands. Read to your child every night. Have them read to you. The benefits cannot be legislated with a magical solution.

Kelly Morlacci, Charlotte

Same-sex unions

Regarding “Catholicism needs to evolve on issue of same-sex marriage,” (April 4 Opinion):

Catholicism will evolve on same sex-marriage when the church stops politicizing the teachings of Jesus and takes away labels which divide rather than bring together.

If we have all been created in the image and likeness of God, what is the issue? Jesus’ message was a simple one — “love the Lord your God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself.” He didn’t say categorize your neighbor, just love him/her.

Someday we shall all face our creator, not our bishops, thank God.

Jane Francisco, Charlotte

Gun violence

Regarding “Mother of UNCC shooting victim: This gun crisis must stop,” (April 4 Opinion):

Thank you to Natalie Henry-Howell for sharing the story of her son who was killed by gun violence.

What continues to be mind boggling is the lack of legislation by our Congress. I wish Henry-Howell luck as she tries to convince our senators to actually do something other than give their “ thoughts and prayers.”

Other countries have quickly passed laws after their own gun tragedies. Our country has the potential to make new laws that can help keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.

Godspeed to Henry-Howell. The majority of Americans want something done on this issue and are with you.

Laura Reich, Matthews

Clarification: An Opinion column Thursday on Charlotte restaurant Supperland should have noted that some menu items are intended to be shareable.