‘Atlanta’ Releases Final-Season Trailer

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The final season of Atlanta is coming back home.

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The show’s fourth season returns to its namesake city after a third installment set (and filmed) in Europe. It’s set to premiere Sept. 15 on FX, and released a full trailer (following a surreal teaser) that calls back to past moments in the series — including kids bugging Earn (Donald Glover) to buy water from them. (Watch the trailer below.)

Glover, the show’s creator, showrunner and star, told reporters Tuesday that season four is the “most grounded” run of the show that has frequently detoured into the weird.

“I think it explores people more than we have before because I feel like we are right now kind of living in a time where you just don’t give people the benefit of the doubt,” Glover said during FX’s time at the Television Critics Association press tour.

He also said that he and his fellow writers landed on the theme of “have more fun” for the final season: “You can literally do whatever you want with the time you have here.”

Stephen Glover, a writer and executive producer on Atlanta, said he hopes the show’s legacy will be inspiring other creators to embrace off-kilter material.

“How much weird stuff we’ve been able to do, hopefully that leads other people to take risks and do weird things too,” he said.

Watch the Atlanta season four trailer below.

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