ATL Jacob Says He Wasn’t Paid For Work On Kanye West’s ‘Donda 2’

ATL Jacob claims he still hasn’t seen a dollar for his work on Kanye West’s Donda 2. On Wednesday (Nov. 16), the young Atlanta producer sat down with VladTV and spoke about his experience working with Ye during the Donda 2 sessions.

The “Wait For U” producer expressed he was “confused” about how he was supposed to get paid, especially because the artist only released his LP on his Stem Player.

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“Everybody was confused like, ‘How we get paid?'” said ATL Jacob. DJ Vlad followed up by asking the 23-year-old musician whether he was still befuddled by the situation. “Hell yeah. I’m still confused. If he’s banned from Stem Player, then how we get paid?”

Later in the interview, Jacob insisted that he wasn’t upset about not being compensated for his tracks “Pablo,” “Louie Bags,” “Fire Burning,” and others. Instead, he spoke about being grateful to have been a part of the Donda 2 sessions because he “learned a lot” from everyone involved.

“I ain’t tripping though, because I learned a lot just working on [Donda 2].”

Ye’s Stem Player is currently in the middle of a lawsuit from Boogie Down Productions as the controversial artist is being sued for sampling KRS-One song “South Bronx” for his track “Life Of The Party.”

TMZ reports that the production company never permitted West to use the song for his Stem Player.

The Chicago businessman and his Stem Player partner Alex Klein sold around 11K Stem Players within 24 hours of its release, amassing $2.2 million in profits from the audio device — which included the use of Boogie Down’s unlicensed record.

Boogie Down’s suit is looking to obstruct further use of their song in the Ye’s track and wants the artist to fork over any of its profits.

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