The Ateez Puppy Interview Is Finally Here, And I Couldn't Be More Excited

By now, we're sure every Atiny on Earth has heard that Ateez did the Puppy Interview!

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Spoiler alert: It's cuteness overload...from the puppies AND the boys, of course!

The members of Ateez sitting with the puppies
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They spill the deets on their fave trainee memories, go-to workout routines, and best advice they've ever been given. Tune in to this adorable interview to find out!

Needless to say, this interview was everything an Atiny (aka us) could ask for.

Close-up of a puppy, with quote from San, "Why are you shaking?" and response: "bc ur my bias"
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And don't forget their album The World EP.Fin : Will is out on Dec. 2! Preorder yours today!

Close-up of a smiling member of Ateez hugging a puppy
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All of these adorable pups are adoptable at Hit Living Foundation!