ASPCA Helps North Carolina Truck Driver Reunite with Emotional Support Dog He Lost in N.Y.C.

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Blue is back in his owner's arms!

According to a release from the ASPCA, on June 9, the North Carolina emotional support dog went missing in New York City after escaping his owner's vehicle while near a Bronx highway. Blue's owner is truck driver Chris Robinson, who started bringing Blue on drives for companionship when the pit bull was four months old.

On June 9, Robinson and 2-year-old Blue were finishing up a produce delivery in New York City when the truck driver decided to pull over in the Bronx for a break. Robinson opened the door to the truck's cab during the stop, and Blue darted out and sprinted off. Robinson attempted to follow Blue with the dog's leash in hand but could not catch up with the pup before the pet disappeared near a highway.

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After searching for the canine and coming up with nothing, Robinson returned home to North Carolina, uncertain if he would ever see his emotional support animal again. Upon learning about Blue's disappearance, Robinson's fiancé, Najee, posted a photo and description of Blue on a Manhattan Lost and Found Pets Facebook group in hopes some would find the dog and see the post — and that's exactly what happened.


Not long after Blue went missing, a Good Samaritan spotted the pooch hobbling down Manhattan's FDR Drive and stopped to pick up the dog. The animal lover brought Blue to the ASPCA Animal Hospital in Manhattan's Upper East Side. There, where vets tended to the dog's injuries. Blue came into the hospital with torn-up paw pads and several abrasions from his time on New York City's highways.

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While the dog was under the hospital's care, one of the ASPCA's employees spotted Najee's missing pet post on Facebook — which got hundreds of shares — and recognized "Blue's goofy smile," according to the ASPCA.



The hospital's staff called up Robinson and let him know the good news. Blue, who is expected to recover from his injuries fully, got bandaged up and received a microchip before reuniting with his family on June 14.


Robinson and Blue shared a sweet moment at the ASPCA Animal Hospital that helped care for the canine before the duo headed back to their home in North Carolina.