Ashley Graham flaunts postpartum stretch marks in new swimsuit campaign: 'All bodies are beautiful'

Ashley Graham has shared countless candid moments on her social media since becoming a mother back in January, with photos documenting her journey with her changing physique and routine as a new mom. But in her latest post, she’s showing just how she’s bringing her new role into her work as she continues to embrace her postpartum stretch marks in new swimwear campaign photos posted to Instagram.

”Some things I love: a cute bathing suit and a backyard shoot with the family!” Graham wrote, referencing her photographer and husband Justin Ervin. “We’ve had such [a] great time making the most of this summer in Nebraska and these suits have me feeling great for my first summer as a mommy!”

The slideshow of photos and video of the 32-year-old model shows her posing in new pieces for her Swimsuits for All collection looking gorgeous and glam. And like most of Graham’s other work, her stretch marks remain un-retouched. Naturally, followers and fellow mothers are loving it.

“Beautiful mama,” one person wrote, while another said, “All mamas should feel empowered by this right here.”

Another even admitted to her own insecurities when it comes to similar stretch marks and wrote, “I’ve felt really insecure about the stretch marks on my stomach recently. Thank you for showing us that all bodies are beautiful.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Graham showed off her postpartum body. In fact, she posted a selfie-style photo back in February to show these same stretch marks. “same me. few new stories,” she had captioned the photo.

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