Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Riff on Their Musical Baby Girl


Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross (Getty Images)

Jagger Snow Ross is only 3 months old, but her mom and dad, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, say that she’s already responding to music. She comes by it naturally, of course, since both parents are musicians. So is her Aunt Jessica, not to mention Jagger’s grandmother, Evan’s mom Diana, who has had just a little experience when it comes to carrying a tune.

“[Jagger] loves music,” Evan, 27, told Yahoo Celebrity this month at the launch of “Guitar Hero Live” in L.A. “My mother has been singing to her — she sings ‘Them There Eyes’ — and we recorded it so she could have it. I think she likes grandma’s voice."

Ashlee, 31, laughed and added, "I think so!” (After all, who doesn’t like Miss Ross’s voice?) The “Pieces of Me” artist also noted that she writes songs for her daughter.

Even Bronx, Simpson’s 6-year-old son with yet another musician, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, has a hand in baby Jagger’s early music education.

“Yesterday, Bronx was dancing for her to music and she was definitely trying to dance along,” Ashlee shared.


Bronx and Jagger (Instagram)

One thing that always gets Bronx moving, his mom explained, is the earlier version of "Guitar Hero,“ a game his mom and stepdad also find entertaining. They’ve already made plans to battle each other in the new edition of the game while the kids are napping.

While baby Jagger isn’t quite old enough to play “Guitar Hero” just yet, she’s already developing her own little personality.

"I think there’s something cute about her that reminds me of both of us,” Ashlee explained. “I think that both of us are just giggly and lighthearted and kind of have a fun way of laughing at things. She does this air laugh — she’s not laughing yet, but she looks like she’s cracking up and laughing so hard at everything you do.”


Jagger with her parents (Instagram)

Evan thinks she’s definitely more like Ashlee.

"She has her mother’s personality and smile,” said Ross, who stars in the new ABC show Wicked City, debuting Oct. 27. “She knows what she wants and she don’t play around. She’s so pretty it’s crazy. She’s going to do whatever she wants to do. She’s beautiful. She’s like her mother."

"I think she might look more like her dad and act like me,” Ashlee said.

Expect Jagger’s debut album in about 20 years.