‘Arrow’ Recap: Team Stops Darhk, Makes Things Worse

On Arrow, Oliver and Team Arrow finally found their way into the underground bunker known as Tivet Noah. While there, they discovered that Thea was under the control of Damien Darhk’s brainwashing pills. After some sibling squabbling that involved guns and arrows, Oliver was able to get Thea to snap out of it.

Team Arrow then went to the control room of Tivet Noah, where Nora Darhk and Damien’s daughter were being held captive by Lonnie Machin. Thanks to some less than skilled archery, an arrow caused a gas explosion that led to the structure collapsing. In all the confusion, Nora was killed and Oliver rescued Damien’s daughter.

Unfortunately, Damien thought his family had been killed, so he decided “if there is no place that is safe, let it all burn.” Damien then kidnapped Felicity to force her to help him launch all the nuclear missiles on Earth.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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