Arnold Schwarzenegger Is About to Get Worst News Imaginable in Exclusive 'Aftermath' Clip

Arnold Schwarzenegger
has made a career out of eliminating villains with extreme prejudice, but for his latest film, Aftermath, his quest for revenge proves far more emotionally and morally complicated than it has in the past. In the drama (based on real events) from director Elliott Lester, Schwarzenegger plays a man whose world crumbles after his wife and pregnant daughter perish in a plane crash — a horrifying bit of news that hovers over the exclusive clip from the film you can now preview at Yahoo Movies (watch it above).

We see the bearded Schwarzenegger’s Roman arrive at the airport — flowers in hand — to greet his returning family. Upon inquiring about their delayed flight, however, he’s asked to accompany an airline employee to an unspecified area. What she’s not telling Roman, however, is that the aircraft never arrived; instead, due to a tragic series of events that took place under the watch of air traffic controller Jake (Scoot McNairy), the plane was in a fatal midair collision that killed everyone on board. The drama charts both Jake’s attempts to cope with this calamity, and Roman’s grief-stricken efforts to find Jake and make him apologize for what he’s done — a set-up that plays out in a far grimmer manner than most of Schwarzenegger’s action-heavy hits.

When we spoke to the star, he told us he thought the somber project was a great opportunity to reveal a different aspect of himself to audiences:

“I felt that, from a dramatic point of view, it would give me a chance to really do some great acting, if they would give me the time to do that… Real stories and dramas like this give you a chance to get in there and do something that you’ve never done before… I had a very clear vision about it, and thought it was a great opportunity to try to be that character, and really show a side of me that people have never seen.”

Stay tuned for Yahoo Movies’ entire chat with the legendary Predator and Terminator star coming soon. Aftermath lands in theaters this Friday.

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