Governator gone wild: Schwarzenegger cracks jokes about sex, Trump at 'Terminator' Comic-Con panel

Arnold Schwarzenegger has clearly said hasta la vista to playing politics.

The movie icon and former governor of California was in rare form at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday, where he was on a panel to promote Paramount's upcoming sequel Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth installment in the long-running action series.

The Governator won a $20 bet regarding Fbombs, joked how much he liked having sex, and got in a quick jab about President Donald Trump — and that was all within the first few minutes of his highly entertaining appearance.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 18: Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at the "Terminator: Dark Fate" panel during 2019 Comic-Con International at San Diego Convention Center on July 18, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at the "Terminator: Dark Fate" panel during 2019 Comic-Con International. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

It all started when Dark Fate director Tim Miller (Deadpool) revealed to the panel's moderator, Grae Drake (a.k.a. Ms. Moviefone), that Schwarzenegger had made a bet with costar Gabriel Luna over how many times the curse-happy filmmaker would say "f**k" during the presentation. The over/under was five, and Luna has the under — which Miller easily surpassed.

So when Schwarzenegger later joined his castmates (including Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes and Diego Boneta) on stage, Luna presented him a crisp $20 bill.

"Tim likes to talk about it, I like to do it," Schwarzenegger said of the word "f**k."

Asked by Drake how he planned to spend his winnings, the Austrian-born actor, bodybuilder and ex-politico used the opportunity to tear into Trump, who continues to take credit for a strong U.S. economy despite the fact that it began trending in the right direction under President Barack Obama.

"There's a lot of options available, especially since the economy is doing so well under Donald Trump," said the sarcastic Schwarzenegger, who often takes the POTUS to task on social media.

At other times during the panel, Schwarzenegger's costars recounted his tendency to quote his own movies, which the 71-year-old happily acknowledged.

"That's the way I talk," he said to laughter. "If there's a helicopter … I have to say, 'Get to the chopper!'" (That line, from 1987's The Predator, has become one of his most oft-quoted lines in recent years, right up there with Terminator classics like "Hasta la vista, baby" and "I'll be back.")

The R-rated Terminator: Dark Fate once again finds a lethal Skynet cyborg (Luna's Terminator) time-traveling to hunt down a young woman (Reyes) who plays a pivotal role in the future. Coming to her aid are an "enhanced" human (Davis) as well as former foes Sarah Connor (Hamilton) and the T-800 (Schwarzenegger), now known as "Carl."

As franchise mastermind James Cameron told us earlier this year, Dark Fate is a direct sequel to 1984's The Terminator and 1991's T2: Judgment Day, ignoring the events of three subsequent sequels and reboots (Rise of the Machines, Salvation and Genysis) released between 2003 and 2015.

While the Terminator series has suffered from a string of mulligans that failed to re-energize or relaunch the franchise, there's renewed interest and excitement from fans given the return of Cameron (as co-writer and producer) and original star Hamilton, neither of whom have been creatively involved since T2.

Though Cameron couldn't attend the SDCC panel in-person, he introduced it via livestream from the set of his in-production Avatar sequels, where he subtly dropped the biggest news item of the day surrounding the film: that Dark Fate will also return actor Edward Furlong, who has worked sparingly since the '90s, on mostly low-profile projects in film and television.

Much of the panel's attention targeted Hamilton, however, who reprises the famous role of Sarah Connor and whom Cameron had to apparently pitch hard on returning.

Hamilton, too, hasn't been in the spotlight much in recent years, save for a guest arc as Zachary Levi's mother on the television series Chuck.

Dark Fate, however, promises to put the 62-year-old actress who broke ground as one of Hollywood's first leading female action stars, right back into the thick of the gunfire, as evidenced by an extended clip Miller and company premiered during the panel.

"I love the way she looks now, she's strong and powerful," Miller told Yahoo Entertainment shortly after the presentation. "But she looks like she's lived a life, and she's bringing all this experience to the role. And you can see the trauma of it on her face all the time.

"And Linda brings it. She is that character inside. It doesn't take a lot to bring it out. … She walked onto set as Sarah Connor."

Terminator: Dark Fate opens Nov. 1. Watch the trailer:

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