Army Specialist Needs Help Rescuing Vulnerable Puppy He Met While Stationed Overseas

Kelli Bender
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Paws of War

Army Specialist Al is fighting to help the little guy.

Spc. Al, who is stationed in a remote area overseas, recently met a tiny black-and-white puppy he named Laila. He found Laila alone and whimpering in a box, abandoned on the street in cold weather with no one to care for her. Spc. Al decided he would be the one to look after the freezing, near-death puppy, and brought the little animal back to his base to warm up and get fed.

Safe and cozy with Spc. Al, Laila quickly bonded with him. Unfortunately, the pair will have to separate soon as Spc. Al is set to be deployed to a new location. After helping nurse the animal back to health, Spc. Al cannot bear to leave Laila alone again. In hopes of giving the puppy a forever hom, the Army Specialist reached out to Paws of War for help getting the dog to his family in the United States.

"I love this dog and can't imagine leaving her here to fend for herself," Spc. Al said in a Paws of War release about Laila. "I heard that Paws of War helps with situations like this and it's such a relief to me, and I'm sure it is to Laila, too. I will be so grateful to get her back to my family in the US, and have her waiting for me when I return."

Paws of War

Paws of War is a nonprofit dedicated to providing supportive services to military members, which includes helping military members get animals they met during deployment safely to the United States.

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"The pain of having to leave a dog or cat behind that you have rescued while serving is unbearable," Derek Cartwright a disabled veteran, who is the stateside logistics coordinator at Paws of War, said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. "Soldiers are asked to sacrifice and endure so much when they are serving. The anguish I felt when I had to leave my rescued dog behind made my transition to civilian life so much harder. If I had only know about Paws of War my life would be different."

Paws of War

To help Spc. Al get Laila to his family home, where he can provide the dog with a lifetime of love and care, Paws of War is raising money to cover the costs that come with safely sending a dog overseas. With enough funds, Paws of War will be able to figure out all the logistics for Laila's trip to the U.S. and get her on a flight to her new home — a task that is especially challenging now due to limitations placed on flights because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To learn more about Laila and Spc. Al, and how you can help this pair stay together forever, visit Paws of War's website.