ARMY Confused Over BTS ‘Hiatus’ News: ‘Fastest Hiatus in History’

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Are they or aren’t they? Just one day after BTS announced they’d be taking time to focus on individual solo projects on Tuesday, fans have been left perplexed over whether the K-pop idols are, indeed, going on hiatus.

“Congratulations to bts for breaking the record of fastest hiatus in history (5 hours),” one member of ARMY tweeted, while another wrote, “Yall theyre saying bts are not taking a hiatus cos theyre gonna continue making run bts eps but it remains that their main focus now will be solo projects so no group music for now, which is basically what we got from the dinner anyway?”

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The confusion over the news seems to stem from two different sources: the English subtitles used in the group’s video announcement and a statement put out by their entertainment company HYBE, which muddied the waters a bit.

“BTS are not taking a hiatus. Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time,” the label said in a statement, backpedaling on the term “hiatus” and insisting it had been mistranslated in the subtitles. (It’s also worth noting that HYBE stock dropped 28 percent in South Korea following BTS’ Festa dinner party video, causing the company to lose $1.7 billion in market value.)

Jungkook also went live on Korean app VLive to clarify his and his bandmates plans for the immediate future. Per a rep for the group, the septet does plan to continue working together, particularly to film their ongoing web series Run BTS, while they also record solo projects.

Check out ARMY’s confusion over BTS’ “hiatus” below.

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