Armed Trump Lover Arrested at Dairy Queen Wanted to ‘Kill All Democrats’

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dairy-queen - Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images
dairy-queen - Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

A man claiming he sought to “restore Trump to president of the United States,” and would “kill all Democrats” to do so was arrested in a Pennsylvania Dairy Queen after entering the establishment armed with a handgun.

According to an affidavit obtained by WTAJ, Jan Stawovy of Hunker, Pennsylvania, allegedly entered the Dairy Queen last Saturday, placing $120 on the counter and telling the manager it was a “tip” for “non-Democrats.” Police were alerted later in the day to an erratic driver, and reached the Dairy Queen after Stawovy returned to the location. Police found additional weapons in Stawovy’s vehicle.

Stawovy, dressed in what witnesses say was a rainbow clown wig and a bright yellow safety vest, attempted to convince police officers at the scene that he was “undercover with Pennsylvania State Police” and there “working on a major drug sting.”

According to the affidavit, Stawovy went on to claim that he was a prophet who had “talked to God” and needed to “kill all the Democrats because Trump was still president.”

According to KDKA, Stawovy was expelled from two different churches due to his erratic behavior, and was advised by both to seek professional treatment for his mental health. KDKA reports that in one instance Stawovy came to Barren Run United Methodist Church in a clown costume, frightening congregants.

No one was injured in the encounter at Dairy Queen, and police arrested Stawovy, who is now in custody awaiting arraignment.

Stawovy’s arrest is one of several recent examples of Trump supporters turning to violence or threatening violence. Days after the FBI’s raid of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate last month, a gunman who had posted pro-Trump content on social media tried to break into an FBI office in Cincinnati before he was killed by law enforcement after a standoff. This past Sunday, a Michigan man devoted to the QAnon conspiracy theory, which holds that Trump is combating a cabal of satanic pedophiles that run the world, shot and killed his wife and the family dog, as well as injuring his daughter. The man’s other daughter, who was not home at the time of the shooting, shared in a Reddit post that her father’s behavior had become increasingly erratic after becoming involved in the QAnon conspiracy.

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