Arizona State player squirts fluids in Caleb Williams’ face, not called for unsportsmanlike conduct flag

This was a very bizarre incident, and one which should definitely fall under the larger umbrella of taunting, provoking, or generally unsportsmanlike conduct.

An Arizona State player standing on the sidelines during the first half of the Sun Devils’ game against the USC Trojans clearly squirted fluid (water or Gatorade) at USC quarterback Caleb Williams. The scene was caught on camera, but you’ll notice that one of the officials had his back turned and did not see the sequence of events. One could say the play was ultimately harmless, but what if the fluid got into Williams’ eyes? That point aside, this was certainly meant to draw a reaction and is entirely uncalled for. If a penalty had been called, USC — leading 21-17 just before the half — could have added to its lead. Instead, the Trojans had to punt in the final 40 seconds of the half.

We’ll see what happens after halftime.


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire