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Ariel Winter Picks A Fight With Her Fans Over Pizza

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Ariel Winter usually wants to get along with her fans peacefully but the "Modern Family" star was in a fighting mood on Tuesday.

Winter shared a beautiful photo of herself to her Instagram but she called out a certain group of her fans and tried to pick a fight. The photo showed the star looking up and out of frame giving the impression that she is in the middle of deep thought.

"me thinking about pineapple pizza 🤤YES I MEAN JUST CHEESE & PINEAPPLE FIGHT ME💥🥊," the actress wrote for the caption of her post.


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Some Fans Don't Take To Kindly to Pineapple Pizza

She wanted to fight and some fans took her up on her challenge. Many were willing to look past her pizza preference but others claim that was a deal-breaker.

"Why? Ariel was almost Great! 😢No Pineapple!" one fan wrote while another said, "Ever thought about doodie and cheese same thing."

Hundreds of her followers took the opportunity to tell the star just how much they love her and some backed Ariel's sweet topping choice.

"I'm actually with u on that pizza," one fan commented. Another follower said, "Ariel u 👀 beautiful this morning and yes I am think the same thing about pineapple pizza like wtf."

"I'm on your side!! 🍕🍍," a supportive fan wrote while another commented, THE ONLY PIZZA 🔥🔥."

It is unclear if her fans really like fruit on their pizza or if they are willing to go along with whatever Ariel wants.

She Is Not Alone

Last year, Drake revealed that he is a fan of pineapple on his pizza in front of an audience of over 600,000 people. The rapper teamed up with famous pro-gamer and Fortnite expert, Ninja to get some squad wins and break a world record for most people watching a Twitch Livestream.

During a break in the video game action, Ninja overheard some snaking noises coming from Drake's microphone. When the popular streamer asked what the artist was eating, Drake replied that he was grubbing on pizza.

Ninja then asked him the million-dollar question, "Does pineapple belong on pizza?"Drake said he was all about pineapple on the tasty meal and ended the debate for millions of fans.

Who knew that Drake and Ariel Winter had so much in common? Ariel is single after reportedly breaking things off her long-time boyfriend, Levi Meaden and Drake is single. Maybe there could be a relationship based on the fact that they like the same pizza.

She's Too Hot For The Gram

The "Modern Family" star has been showing off so many unbelievable "lewks" on Instagram recently but she almost broke the internet with her space cowboy outfit.

Winter shared a photo of herself tipping a cowboy hat in see-through green two-piece outfit. "Just a cowgirl lost in space 🚀💫🛸," she wrote in the caption of her post.

We can only imagine that she was still sharing her several Halloween outfits days after the holiday but we are not complaining.