Ariel Winter Opts For A No-Pants Look, But Instagram Is Divided

Ariel Winter looked drop-dead gorgeous in her latest Instagram update, opting right out of pants as she posed with her dog. The "Modern Family" star didn't receive any complaints over her sexy legs and overall slimmed-down frame, but she did manage to cause a stir over her sweater.

Yes, Ariel was wearing a Los Angeles Rams sweater. Well, you can't please everyone.

Ariel Winter poses at an event
Ariel Winter poses at an event

Ariel's photo showed her standing with one hand placed on her dog's head. The actress just about had her thighs covered by an oversized and dark blue sweater bearing the sports team's logo. She was also smiling and looking a total doll with curled hair.

When The Dog Dictates The Update

Ariel Winter poses with her dog
Ariel Winter poses with her dog

Ariel took to her caption with a direct mention of her four-legged friend.

"how it be when one of your family members says “DON’T MOVE LET ME GET A PICTURE OF YOU TWO," the star wrote.

With or without the pup, this sitcom star's fans will find her smoking hot. They definitely did with this snap, although not everyone was a fan of the Los Angeles Rams sweater.

"Nooooo. Not the rams 😭," one fan wrote.

"That’s not a Seahawks sweater," another user said.

Then Again, She Basically Brought Out Every Rams Fan On The Planet

Ariel Winter poses at an event
Ariel Winter poses at an event

If you follow Ariel and happen to be a Rams fan, you're in luck (and you aren't alone). Fans of the L.A.-based football team came out in full force, although some users were more focused on Ariel herself – and the dog.

"Go Rams!!!" was used by many fans as a reply.

"Love the sweatshirt #ramsfan," another fan stated.

Then it all got very granular.

"Love the empty TP on the floor in the background," a fan wrote.

Of course, once you read that comment, it's almost impossible not to see the empty toilet paper roll behind Ariel's right leg.

Kicking Off 2020 With A Booty-Baring Thong Snap

Ariel Winter poses by the ocean in a thong
Ariel Winter poses by the ocean in a thong

Ariel's post raked in a ton of likes – over 160,000 in 16 hours – but that was nothing compared to the engagement on her first post of 2020. The actress took to Instagram to mark the new decade with a super-thirsty, super-sexy video of herself showcasing her booty in a tiny thong.

The video currently sits at over 2 million views.

It also seemed to be living proof that the star's grueling workouts pay off.

"I am never the most excitedddd person to go to the gym, but feeling healthier and seeing the work you put in pay off really makes it worth it," Ariel captioned a 2019 workout post.

Ariel's Weight Loss: Not Meth, Just Changing Anti-Depressants

Ariel Winter poses for a photo
Ariel Winter poses for a photo

This whittled-down TV face continues to make weight-loss-related headlines –wherever Ariel goes, her slimmer frame gets noticed.

For Ariel, the weight loss journey wasn't a conventional one – the actress even had to clap back as a troll accused her of being thinner thanks to meth. The star publicly revealed that her weight loss was due to a change in anti-depressants, even being witty with her delivery.

"My psychiatrist switched me from my previous anti depressant that didn't work and made me gain weight, to coke/meth!! Definitely not a new one that worked and then regulated my metabolism," she wrote.

"Coke/meth was a controversial decision but she stands by it," Winter added.