Ariana Madix Accuses Tom Sandoval of ‘Psychological Warfare’ in Shared Home

Ariana Madix at the Pump Rules Season 11 premiere
Photo by River Callaway/Variety via Getty Images
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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is booked, busy and thriving since coming out on top after the lid was blown off Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss’ gross affair last year. She’s taking advantage of many gigs, like her successful Broadway run in Chicago. Her schedule often keeps her away from the home she and Tom bought together in 2019 – and STILL share. Neither of them wants to budge. However, that hasn’t stopped the volatility in their neck of Valley Village.

On a recent episode of VPR, Ariana discussed the bizarre manipulation tactics Tom has tried, presumably to push her out. But, she’s refusing to back down.

Ariana says Sandoval’s trying to “assert his dominance” through “psychological warfare”

In last night’s episode, Ariana bluntly stated, “It’s f*cking stupid” that she and Tom continue to cohabitate.

In a confessional, Ariana described some of the unhinged things Tom did to make her stay in the home uncomfortable. “He has done some weird things like opened my mail and put my plates on my car,” she explained of their living situation. “His most recent thing is that he got this white noise machine.”

In Tom’s confessional, he justified the machine’s purchase by explaining, “I got this white noise machine because when the scandal fever was at its peak, things I was saying were being overheard by Ariana and her friends.”

Ariana was unconvinced, and called Tom’s antics “psychological warfare.”

More awkwardness ensued when Tom asked his assistant to text Ariana to see if he could have a birthday gathering there. Ariana replied, “That’s not happening,” deeming it disrespectful. She reiterated her stance, adding, “If there are people here making noise, I will call the cops.”

Reflecting on Tom’s past parties at their home, Ariana admitted feeling uncomfortable with the idea. “But now that we’re not together, I’m not putting up with that sh*t.”

As we know, Tom revealed that he offered to buy Ariana out of the house. She enthusiastically declined. Instead, she’s suing Tom in an attempt to force him to agree to put the house on the market. Of course, Tom can’t just take the L, accept that he’s the catalyst for this whole mess, and bow out with honor. Looks like Tom’s finding out that hell hath no petty like a woman scorned!

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.


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