Ariana Grande's "The Boy Is Mine" Video Features Brandy, Monica & More

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Originally appeared on E! Online

Well, Ariana Grande had the purr-fect cast for her new music video.

After all, the Grammy winner enlisted the help of Brandy, Monica and Penn Badgley to bring her music video for "The Boy Is Mine" to life.

The six-minute video, released June 7, began with rats attacking a sanitation worker in a city similar to DC Comics' Gotham. The Wicked actress was then seen in her apartment with a love potion for Mayor Max Sterling (Penn) while watching a news report anchored by Brandy and Monica—whose 1998 duet inspired Ariana's new track.

"Newly elected Mayor Max Starling is set to address the media any moment now for a press conference," Brandy said, noting that the subject of the speech was up in the air. "With the laundry list of problems the city faces on the daily, it's anyone's game."

We then get a glimpse of what exactly the major is up to. As for his solution, the mayor, criticized for mishandling the city's rat problems, announced his plans to release hungry, stray cats into the streets to combat the problem. Ariana enthusiastically watched the speech, calling him "f--king brilliant" and "so hot."

Ariana Grande's Style Evolution

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The video followed the 30-year-old as she dressed up in a Catwoman-inspired ensemble to break into Max's house—in a move reminiscent of Penn's You character Joe Goldberg—and make him fall in love with her. And as we see, her plan could not be more of a success.

After the music video's release, Monica thanked the "we can't be friends" singer. "Such a pleasure," she commented on Instagram. "Love to you ALWAYS." And in return, Ariana gushed over the collaboration. "You have no idea what this means to me," she wrote on Instagram Stories. "I am still convinced that I'm dreaming it all."

In fact, the "Thank U Next" artist previously shared she hoped to put her own twist on the Brandy and Monica's hit someday, although she was also apprehensive about taking it on.

"I've always wanted to reimagine that song," she explained on The Zane Lowe Show in March. "In a way, I was like, 'This is a very bad idea.' But there is a large group of my fans that really do love a bad girl anthem, and this is an elevated version of that."

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