Ariana Grande telling Leonardo DiCaprio to 'F-you' in 'Don't Look Up' came from the director's daughter

Ariana Grande sitting down
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  • Adam McKay originally had written Grande another line to say to DiCaprio's character.

  • "It was 'mind your own business, you boomer fuck,'" McKay told Insider.

  • The director's daughter made him change the line after telling him no one says "boomer" anymore.

Adam McKay admitted that he needed his daughter's help when it came to the salty response Ariana Grande's pop star character in "Don't Look Up" gives to Leonardo DiCaprio's character.

In the movie, DiCaprio plays an astronomer, Randall Mindy, who's about to go on a morning show to warn the world that a comet is heading to Earth and will destroy it. He finds himself in the green room with pop singer Riley Bina, played by Grande.

Trying to make small talk, Mindy tells Bina that he's sorry to hear about her breakup with DJ Chello (played by Kid Cudi), which is all over the news.

Bina responds by saying, "Why don't you mind your own business, you old fuck."

According to McKay, that was not the original line he had in the script for Grande.

Ariana Grande sitting down
Ariana Grande in "Don't Look Up."Netflix

"It was 'mind your own business, you boomer fuck,'" McKay told Insider in a recent interview.

"And my daughter, Pearl, and her friend, Ava, were both like, 'No one says boomer anymore.' They were like, 'You can't have her say that.' So I was like, 'Well, what would she say to him?'" he recalled.

"And they were both like, 'She would just call him an old fuck.' [Laughs] So because of their note, I changed the line," McKay continued. "I give them all the credit."

This is not the first time Pearl McKay has helped out her dad with his filmmaking.

Pearl also starred in the video that launched the comedy site Funny or Die back in 2007 when the then 2-year-old played the rude landlord opposite Will Ferrell in the viral video "The Landlord."

Grande did a little tweaking of her own to her character for another scene.

When Bina performs at a concert in the movie to warn citizens of the impending doom, Grande improvised some of the lines, McKay revealed in a Netflix behind-the-scenes video.

"Ariana Grande most certainly did improvise," he said. "In fact, her best improv was when she sang the song for the first time. She's the one who added all that stuff about 'We're all going to die' and 'Turn off that shitbox news.' That was her riffing on the first scratch track of the melody line. And the second I heard it, I was like, 'That's going in the movie.'"

"Don't Look Up," also starring Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence, is currently available on Netflix.

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