'Aquaman': Watch Jason Momoa debut classic orange-and-green costume in new extended trailer

Gwynne Watkins
·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

What’s orange and green and wet all over? That would be the classic Aquaman suit — and as the latest Aquaman trailer demonstrates, Jason Momoa pulls it off. Warner Bros. has just released an extended look at the upcoming DC superhero film, which concludes with our hero Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, looking fearsome in his new waterproof threads. Here’s the official image of the long-awaited costume reveal.

First unveiled to audiences at Comic-Con this summer, Momoa’s suit is not so brightly colored as the iconic Aquaman outfit, which sported a Day-Glo orange bodysuit and forest-green gloves. It is, however, a lot flashier. The chest piece, sculpted on Momoa’s unimpeachable musculature, is covered in shiny golden scales; the gloves and boots are a deep, metallic green with sculpted wings; and even the classic letter-A belt has received a Studio 54-style makeover. It’s a far cry from the dark-colored armor that Aquaman wore in his Justice League debut.

Jason Momoa debuts the classic costume in <em>Aquaman.</em> (Photo: Warner Bros)
Jason Momoa debuts the classic costume in Aquaman. (Photo: Warner Bros)

Another change from Justice League Aquaman is his weapon of choice, which has been streamlined from five prongs to three. As seen in the five-minute clip (above), the royal trident plays a key role in the story, which follows the half-human, half-Atlantean hero as he comes to terms with his destiny: to be the king that unites the seven seas and the surface world. Along the way, he takes on dastardly villains, including Orm/Oceanmaster (Patrick Wilson), Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), and the fishy monsters known as the Trench. At least he has the help of the Mera (Amber Heard), who seems to know a lot more about this sea-king business than he does (or maybe it’s just the Ariel-esque coiffure?).

Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment at Comic-Con, Momoa compared his new Aquaman costume to a classic car: “I feel like a ’59 Cadillac — like an El Dorado; got the wings on the side, a little flare off the calf,” he said, adding that the costume gives him a “nine-pack, which I don’t really have.” (Does he not know that we’ve all seen him shirtless? Like, a lot?)

Aquaman opens in theaters on Dec. 21.

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