'Aquaman' Director James Wan Says Supposed DC Shakeup Involving Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns Is Not 'Dramatic'

In early May, the Hollywood Reporter told us Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder, the man DC tapped to shape its franchise, was seeing his control lessened. Instead, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Executive VP Jon Berg were going to be the creative leads of their cinematic universe. With the onslaught of negative articles directed at Snyder’s film and the hand-wringing over what would come to pass in future films, you’d think DC was in a state of turmoil. Not the case, says Aquaman director James Wan.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Wan said, “To be honest, it’s not as dramatic as the press is making it out to be — from what I’m seeing. And right now I’m seeing everything as more an outsider looking into this box. So from that perspective, it’s really cool that it’s not crazy, crazy dramatic. I think it’s great.” While Wan mentioned he hasn’t really seen the shakeups, he has been working closely with Johns on Aquaman.

Wan has been all over the news recently, in part because of his promotional tour for The Conjuring 2. Here are some of the other things he’s said.

When asked about the poor reception to Batman v Superman, he diplomatically told Bad Taste, “I know how hard it is, from making Conjuring 2, how much anticipation there is just from the first movie. I think you do the best you can and tell the best story you can.”

The director, who can claim Furious 7 among his credits, also told The Straits Times he’s actively seeking more diversity in his films and that he’s going to keep that in mind as Aquaman casts more supporting actors to accompany its lead, Jason Momoa.

As for Aquaman news, Wan told Uproxx that he could have directed the Flash movie if he’d wanted but chose the man who can talk to fish because “the bar is lower” when it comes to his film. He also told Metro UK that he intends to put his stamp on the character, something that won’t be hard given the lack of (real) Aquaman movies. As for why the king of the seas hasn’t graced silver screens before, Wan told CinemaBlend it was due to the lack of technology to properly do a movie about a guy in an underwater kingdom.

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