April Fools' Day fun: Cincinnati's best pranks over the years

Keep your eyes peeled, Cincinnati. It's April Fools' Day, and pranksters are on the loose.

The unofficial holiday that's celebrated around the world, April Fools' Day is observed each year on April 1 with jokes and pranks. Brands, sports teams and news outlets often get in on the fun, which means you can expect the unexpected.

Enjoy the day by pranking – or being pranked – and take a look back at Cincinnati's April Fools' Day jokes over the years.

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Remember Frisch's tartar sauce ice cream?

On April 1, 2022, Frisch's Big Boy announced its new menu item, tartar sauce ice cream, on social media. Even more surprising than the April Fools' Day prank was not all commenters thought the flavor was a bad idea.

Introducing our first Frisch’s ice cream pint, Tartar Sauce. Enjoy!

Posted by Frisch's Big Boy on Friday, April 1, 2022

And when Mount St. Joseph's new mascot created some buzz

Mount St. Joseph University found the humor in 2021's Brood X cicada swarm by revealing its new cicada mascot on April Fools' Day.

The Cincinnati Bengals also had some mascot fun

For April Fools' Day 2020, the Cincinnati Bengals introduced their own mascot change inspired by the popular Netflix series, "Tiger King."

"Introducing Who Dey Exotic. A rope necklace wearing, coney dog eating, no BS Bengal Cat straight out of the Banks," the team tweeted.

Gold Star's chili milkshake ... and other questionable eats

Chili wasn't a warm-weather meal, until Gold Star's April Fools' Day announcement in 2019. The local brand posted its latest, albeit fake, new menu item: the chili milkshake.

Also that year, Taft's Brewing Co. sought to change the game with its alcoholic dairy invention: boozgurt. And, as if the Cincinnati food scene couldn't get any better, MadTree Brewing Co. said it would start producing "incredibly thick" pouched beer in three flavors.

Beware the bee swarm 🐝

Lastly, Krohn Conservatory might have tricked a few Cincinnatians when it said it released bees instead of butterflies for its annual butterfly show.

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