Apple TV Plus picks up Seth Rogen comedy series about modern Hollywood

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

In a curiously meta move that calls to mind Netflix making a sitcom about the last Blockbuster, Apple TV+ has won the rights to a new comedy series from Seth Rogen about “a legacy Hollywood movie studio trying to survive in a world where it is increasingly difficult for art and commerce to live together.” Again: Apple is doing this. The company that only (relatively) recently got into the streaming game and is very much not a “legacy Hollywood movie studio” but certainly does have some experience with trying to find a way for “art and commerce to live together” since they make movies and TV shows and sell movies and TV shows.

But anyway, Deadline says the untitled show will star and be executive produced, directed, and co-written by Seth Rogen, with the other writers being Rogen’s longtime producing partner Evan Goldberg and Veep’s Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory. We’re picturing something like Mythic Quest but about a movie studio, but it’s hard to guess what the tone will be like until Apple puts out more information. After all, Rogen and Goldberg are also behind The Boys and Sausage Party (plus the upcoming Sausage Party TV show), both of which are pretty different despite (at least partially) being comedies.

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Either way, this will be good Seth Rogen news for big Seth Rogen fans, since he’s going to be all over this thing. Plus, it means getting more Seth Rogen on TV, which has been his new thing for the last few years—last year, he played Santa in HBO Max’s Santa Inc., and this year he appeared in (and produced) Pam & Tommy. As for the movies, he’s in Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans and did the voice of Donkey Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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