Apple Fitness+ can Help You Achieve Your Workout Goals, One Class At a Time

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There are a wide variety of workout apps out there, including apps specifically made for yoga or HIIT. But rarely is there an app that we think works for almost every type of fitness workout, whether that’s dance, pilates, core or cycling. Apple Fitness+ is one such app, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

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What is Apple Fitness+

Launched in 2020, Apple Fitness+ is a workout companion app that features 12 different kinds of workouts, including HIIT, dance, yoga, rowing and even walking. The app also has a separate mindful section, including guided meditations designed to make you relax or even get you better sleep.

While previously the app had to be subscribed to through an Apple Watch, the new Fitness+ can easily be subscribed to through your iPhone. Then, you can use Fitness+ on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. That said, to track your heart rate and get a more accurate estimate of calories lost, we definitely suggest pairing the app with an Apple Watch. Our top recommendation is the latest Apple Warch Series 8, which now features a new temperature sensor and crash detection.

Apple Watch Series 8 Review
Apple Watch Series 8 Review

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What Does Apple Fitnhess+ Include?

As mentioned above, Apple Fitness+ features 12 different kinds of workouts, including meditation and cooldowns. There are workouts geared towards both beginners and experts, and activities designed with workaholics in mind as well. You can choose between full-length 50-minute workouts or stick to five to 20-minute workouts.

Apple fitness+ also has a dedicated artist spotlight series, with musicians like Taylor Swift, ABBA, Beyoncé and even The Weeknd, having dedicated workout episodes featuring their best music. I personally love the dance workouts in each artist series as it’s a good way to let loose and learn some new moves — especially while vibing to your favorite music. Apple fitness+ also continuously launches new artists series to keep things interesting.

The other great part about Apple Fitness+ is its dedicated ‘Time to Walk’ series. Each episode is led by game changers in their industries, including Chaka Khan and Patti LaBelle. Most episodes are just a little over a half hour and are a combination of inspiring stories, music and photos.

Finally, the app also features, a variety of workout and meditation programs, if you’ve got more long-term fitness goals, like yoga for runners and even a workout program geared towards pregnant women.

What’s New in Apple Fitness+?

Just in Jan, Apple fitness Plus launched Kickboxing as a new workout type and guided meditations for sleep. New episodes for Time to Walk were also released plus a bunch of new workout programs including my personal favorite, ‘6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness.’ New content is added on a regular basis.

Is Apple Fitness+ Worth it?

Apple Fitness+ is the best workout companion app for beginners and experts alike. There are workout programs to help you kickstart your fitness journey, or even add to different aspects of your training. Most workouts can be performed without any equipment needed, which is great for those of you who don’t want to invest any additional money right away. Since the app is available to anyone with an iPhone it also makes it easy to try out the app and make sure it’s for you.

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Plus, Apple Fitness+ is available for three months for free if you shop a new Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or an Apple TV — only if you’re a new subscriber. If you haven’t purchased a new Apple device lately, don’t worry, you’ll still get a month free if you’re a new subscriber.

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