An Apple exec just accidentally confirmed the iPhone 13’s September launch event

Apple executive Lisa Jackson updated her Twitter profile today and, in the process, may have inadvertently revealed that this year’s media event will be a virtual affair. Hardly a surprise, with the Delta variant of the coronavirus still spreading like crazy, many states have started to reinstitute new COVID-19 safety measures. With that said, it would be somewhat shocking if Apple’s iPhone 13 unveiling was held before a live audience.

As to why the Apple community is buzzing, Jackson’s new Twitter photo was taken in a space where we often see pre-recorded segments for Apple media events. What’s more, production equipment can be seen in the background. Taken together, some people are speculating that Apple may have already started recording segments for its upcoming media event. Apple’s media event is rumored to be planned for the first half of September. Now, the timing of Jackson’s new profile photo all but confirms it.

iPhone 13 features

Even though we’re in an S cycle release, there’s a good chance the next-gen iPhone will be called the iPhone 13. As Apple executives have said in the past, the S naming scheme can sometimes diminish an otherwise compelling iPhone release.

The naming scheme aside, the iPhone 13 is shaping up to be a strong upgrade. For starters, the notch is getting distinctly smaller. Specifically, the iPhone 12 notch width is 34.88mm while the notch on the iPhone 13 will be 36.8mm.

There will also be some display enhancements. The iPhone 13 Pro models will reportedly include a 120Hz ProMotion display. If you’ve seen this already on the iPad Pro, you know it’s a game-changer. The new display technology will deliver improved responsiveness, more fluid scrolling, and “smoother motion content.”

Additionally, the iPhone 13 will feature an Always-On display. This will be similar in nature to the Apple Watch. Put simply, the iPhone display will always show the time and pertinent notifications. The screen itself won’t always be at full blast but will be muted when not in use.

And aside from a brand new processor, other rumored features include a 1TB storage option, improved battery life, and enhanced camera performance.

Pricing and release

Apple this year will be releasing four iPhone 13 models. Thankfully, all four models will reportedly arrive in stores in September. This is a nice change of pace given that we’ve seen staggering launch dates for varying iPhone models in years past. Price-wise, don’t expect anything surprising this year. iPhone 13 pricing will likely remain the same as the iPhone 12. That said, the iPhone 13 Mini will likely retail for $700. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, meanwhile, will likely start at $1,100. And of course, the standard iPhone 13 model will probably retail for $800.

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