So apparently artists can tell when you add their songs to a Spotify playlist?

Now might be good time to check your Spotify playlists. TikTok users are discovering a “secret” feature on the music streaming platform, leading to plenty of embarrassment online. Apparently, artists can see when you add their songs to your Spotify playlists. The realization, shared by singer Kira Kosarin sent TikTok users spiraling. as many worried their favorite artists would read their most ridiculous playlist names. That’s exactly the concern Kosarin addressed in her video, which now has nearly 10 million views. In the clip, the singer breaks down some of the “impeccable” playlists featuring her songs, . including ones called “Can’t stop reading fan fictions,” “Let’s be depressed” and “Songs to walk your dog to”. TikTok users flooded the video’s comments with reactions — mainly their fear over who might read their playlist names. “I feel exposed,” one user wrote