Anton Yelchin as a Young Man in Crisis in Exclusive Scene From 'We Don't Belong Here'

While the death of Anton Yelchin at the far-too-young age of 27 rocked Hollywood last June, the Star Trek actor’s big-screen legacy hasn’t been fully appreciated just yet, with his final four film performances still awaiting a domestic theatrical release. That’ll begin to change tomorrow, April 4, when We Don’t Belong Here — a family drama in which he stars alongside Riley Keough (American Honey) and Catherine Keener (Get Out) — lands stateside. In advance of its premiere, Yahoo Movies has an exclusive, haunting scene (watch it above) to debut from the movie.

In the wrenching clip, Yelchin’s Max — whose disappearance sets off We Don’t Belong Here’s drama — shares a heart-to-heart with his sister Elisa (Keough) on a grassy hill. While the source of Max’s misery remains somewhat oblique, it’s not too tough to decipher exactly what sort of mistreatment he received (and from whom). And as in so many of his films, Yelchin’s heartfelt expression of raw emotion is palpable — and, for many, will no doubt be difficult to watch, given his untimely passing.

It’s a brief, agonized moment in a film that’s sure to elicit a fair share of tears when it arrives in theaters tomorrow. We Don’t Belong Here co-stars Cary Elwes, Maya Rudolph, and Molly Shannon.

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