Antoine Fuqua leaves the door open for another Equalizer, if Denzel Washington is down

The Equalizer 3Screenshot: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

The Equalizer 3Screenshot: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

There are always going to be downtrodden people to avenge, and—at least since the original series premiered in 1985—there are always going to be more Equalizers to enact said vengeance in the most violent manner possible. The next Robert McCall just might not be Denzel Washington, or in the words of Equalizer(s) 1 through 3 director Antoine Fuqua, “Who knows?”

“I believe this would be it. We’ve both talked about it that way. But you never know!” the director said of his potential trilogy closing threequel The Equalizer 3, which premieres in theaters this Friday (via Entertainment Weekly).

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Rumor has it that John David Washington (Denzel’s movie-star son) may be cued up for the role in a prequel,” Cogshell continues. “Perhaps we’ll get to see where his sense of brutal righteousness comes from. And maybe we’ll even get another three satisfying movies out of it.”

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