Anthony Bowens: If You Choose To Spend Your Money On AEW, We Won’t Let You Down

Anthony Bowens
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Anthony Bowens believes a months-long build to storylines is great. Fans should also give the finished product a chance before chastising wrestlers on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Bowens posted a lengthy message in response to a fan’s tweet. The fan alleged The Acclaimed’s bout the alleged lack of proper build in AEW storylines. Bowens, however, insists AEW has delivered time and time again no matter the length of build for storylines.

“Hi! I barely ever comment on stuff like this but to clarify, I just hop on here sometimes and my timeline is full of “this whole ppv is shit” without even watching the finished product yet,” Bowens wrote. “I relate to this bc last year I was FLOODED with why tf are The Acclaimed in this tag title match? Only a week of build? This match will suck! But then it ended up being a match people are still talking about. Of course a 3 month build to it would have been amazing in theory but just give things a chance first. If the show sucks, then have at it after.

“I thank you for having high standards and there’s nothing wrong with wanting better but I’m saying if you CHOOSE to spend your hard earned money on us (especially two weeks in a row) our locker room is full of INCREDIBLE performers that won’t let you down. “Great build” or not. We prove it every ppv. But that’s it for this, I’m moving on now..much love and enjoy your week!”

AEW Delivers As Usual

The original post had Bowens taking exception to fan rage over the supposed lack of proper build to several matches at AEW All Out.

“This is the 4567th time people complained leading up to a show and as per usual @AEW
DELIVERS and then some,” Anthony Bowens said in his initial Tweet. “When are we gonna learn here? #AEWAllOut”

The Acclaimed (Bowens and Max Caster) successfully defended their trios tag team titles against Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, and Satnam Singh at the September 3rd pay-per-view event in Chicago.

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